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In terms of heating today’s residential homes and commercial properties, residents in southern Ontario have a variety of options at their disposal. Whether you’re interested in updating an existing furnace, or you would like to maintain the equipment you already have, County Lines HVAC & Fireplaces in St. Thomas is your dependable source for information and servicing. If you’re not sure where to begin, our HVAC specialists can answer any questions you may have. We specialize in maintaining furnaces for St. Thomas customers. We would be happy to walk you through your available options to help determine the right product for your space and budget.



In Ontario, the majority of our customers rely on some type of furnace system to heat their homes, and natural gas remains the preferred fuel of choice for many reasons:

  • Natural gas is cheaper than electricity, oil or propane.

  • Most homebuyers prefer homes that are gas heated. 

  • Gas furnaces eliminate the need to arrange for fuel delivery.

  • Gas is versatile for a wide range of heating purposes.


Staying warm truly is a luxury we all appreciate as the temperatures begin to drop. Modern technology makes heating oil an attractive option for many homeowners.

  • Oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas and electricity which results in faster warming times and reduced fuel consumption. 

  • You control the fuel supply for your property and are not impacted if gas line pressure drops. 

  • Heating oil is non-explosive in the event of a leak.

  • With reduced sulfur content, modern oil systems eliminate instances of soot, dirt and unpleasant odors.

  • Warm air from an oil furnace is cleaner than other heating methods (electric, coal, wood heat).


Many people consider propane to be the smart alternative to standard electricity. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Propane offers quicker heating times (for reheating water tanks, etc.).

  • This fuel remains readily available and competitively priced in the market.

  • It produces less greenhouse gas than other options. 

  • When the electricity goes out, your home will still remain warm while using propane.

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When it comes to your property’s heating and cooling requirements, it pays to be proactive.

Regardless of the type of heating solution you opt for, if you don’t support your product with proper installation, maintenance, and servicing, any product you own will be limited in its performance. 

Contact County Lines HVAC & Fireplaces for quality assurance.

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